Does Genetically Modified Foods affect hormone balance?

Up to 70% of processed foods in Canada contain GMO’s

GMO’s are genetically modified organisms that are created when companies take the gene from one organism and place it into another organism thus creating a new breed of organism. We see this with foods being genetically modified to withstand pests and drought. These foods now contain pesticides in their genetic make up that we are ingesting daily without knowing it and will cause hormone imbalance not today but eventually.

GMO’s would never have occurred naturally this way in nature and thus are very unpredictable to our health long term. We are not certain of the impact of the change in structure of the food itself and our bodies ability to assimilate it.  It could create more toxins in our body than the original food item.  It could not be as nutritious for us as well as the original food item.  There may also be an allergic reaction that may not be known with the original food item. Pesticides are known hormone balance disrupters that slow down our own bodies’ production of necessary hormones for good health.

What are the GMOs? There are four big food items that are considered GMO foods: Corn, Soy, Canola, Cotton.

Corn is in everything today, from corn flour, corn oil, corn syrup, to tomato sauces and breads and cookies.  Check your labels if doesn’t say NON-GMO and it contains corn, then it has been modified in some way.

Soy comes from soybeans and can be found in cereals, some vitamin E, veggie burgers and some protein powders. Look for NON-GMO here too.

Canola comes from the rapeseed plant and is in anything fried, chips, salad dressings even your margarines.

Cotton is in clothes, chips, peanut butter, and cookies.

Most people find that paying a little extra at the checkout to guarantee that what you put in your mouth won’t come back to cause hormone imbalance is worth it.

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